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Touchplan Summer Release Notes

Release 16 is Live!  We are excited to announce that we have made some upgrades to Touchplan make is so easy to collaborate with your team.  We have updated the overall look of the application.  There are several other changes to Touchplan for Release 16.  

Read more to learn how each of the features works.

“My Tickets” Space

How it works:  At the bottom of your screen you will see the add ticket button - when you create a ticket you will have a new collapsable area at the bottom of the screen.  Add, edit, duplicate tickets in this area - these tickets will only be visible to you until you drag them onto the plan.

How it helps:

  • You and your team can come to meeting prepared with their tasks
  •  You wont have to search the plan to find your tickets when you create them. 

Ticket Editing

How it works: If you add a ticket or select a ticket to edit - it will have a new view.  You will see the initials of the person the ticket belongs to. Statusing has been simplified so you can quickly mark things completed. To save and exit a ticket - tap outside of the edit veiw, no need to push close.

How it helps:

  • You will be able to status and edit tickets more quikly and easily

Mass Edit

How it works: Select a group of tickets using Multi-Select that you would like to change, then select “Edit All Tickets” all changes you make will be applied to every ticket you have selected.

How it helps:

  • You can change a group of ticket quickly and easily - including statusing and adding locations.

Cycle Edit  

How it works: Select a group of tickets using Multi-Select  you would like to review quickly.  This is great for selecting all of the tickets from the previous week at the beginning of the meeting.

You also have the ability to filter the selection to only show your tickets in within the selection. 

How it helps:

  • You can quickly evaluate/status/edit tickets on the plan
  • As a facilitator you can direct the team to focus on specific tickets 

Location Tagging

How it works: You can define a list of areas or zones by clicking on the new “Location" icon in the side bar. When the list is created they can be added to any ticket by any member of the team.The location appears on the top of all of the tickets to create a visual ‘swim lane’ for your plan.

How it helps:

  • Your team will be able to focus on flow efficiency for an area 
  • You will be able to organize the project more quickly and efficiently


How it works: On the left hand side of the plan view we have added buttons that are always available on the plan.  This will eliminate the need for clicking into the old ‘Menu’ button. 

How this helps:

  • You can easily navigate through Touchplan as you facilitate your meetings

Navigating in the Plan View

  • Screen_Shot_2016-07-17_at_9.30.36_PM.png Click on the icon in the top left of hte plan to return to the Dashboard and your other projects
  • Tap outside of your ticket to save and close your changes.

We are reviewing all of the features in a webinars this week. Join us to learn about all of the changes we have made to improve the app. 

Join us for the Summer Release Review 

Touchplan at the IGLC
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Elizabeth Long

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