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    03 Jun
    How Project Teams Can Start Up Again After COVID-19

    Construction has officially changed. As you seek out new resources and ways to cope with the world today, thinking about starting up again is equally important. Recently, we highlighted the vital..

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    21 Apr
    Video Conferencing in Touchplan

    Making Remote Meetings Easier

    One of the most crucial adaptations right now is keeping communication and collaboration consistent, regardless of where team members are physically located. To help ..

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    13 Apr
    Vital Actions Every Construction Project Needs to Take to Tackle COVID-19 Now

    Every country, industry and person is feeling the impact of COVID-19, and the construction industry is no exception. The ramifications from a flailing, “essential-only” economy will only be..

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    27 Mar
    How Project Teams Can Adapt During COVID-19

    The impact of COVID-19 is being felt on a global scale. While no one can predict its outcome, every project team must introduce changes to their daily routines to maintain health and safety and..



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