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    16 Aug
    Stop the Fighting!

    When the pressure to finish a job starts to ratchet up, things can get pretty tense in the trailer. There are a lot of irons in the fire, and a lot of opinions as to how to best get the job done...

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    11 Aug
    Stop being a Dictator
    Do you run your meetings with an iron fist? Are you the one in charge telling everyone what their schedule is and what they need to be doing? If so, you are not getting the most out of your team...
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    09 Aug
    How to make a schedule you can actually use

    Ever notice how most field project teams don’t use the CPM schedule on the trailer wall to plan or manage their day-to-day activities? It’s just not detailed enough. It’s not flexible enough. It’s..

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    06 Aug
    Release 17
    We are excited to announce our newest additions to Touchplan.  We have upgraded Reports with crew count total and locations and allow users to set Project Level Settings for Work Schedule and ..
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    04 Aug
    End of Summer Bootcamp

    Would you like to save time and money on your project?

    Are you interested in reducing the stress and headaches on your current and future projects?

    If you answered yes to either of these..

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    02 Aug
    AEC Schools Should Start Teaching Collaboration in College

    Two weeks ago the co-chairs of the National AIA-AGC joint committee released a statement calling for more instruction in cooperation among architects, engineers, and contractors. They highlight..

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    28 Jul
    Reducing Project Rework

    Rework can quickly increase both the time and money spent on your projects. One of the reasons we focus so much on collaboration and communication is to improve your workflow and avoid the costly..

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    26 Jul
    Will Olympic Construction Finish on Time?

    The short answer is yes, according to John Gregerson, Senior Editor of Builtworlds. The longer answer is that much work is still required to get the Olympic facilities ready by the August 5..

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    21 Jul
    What is Lean Project Management?

    The IGLC 2016 Conference has the Touchplan crew thinking about Lean Construction and Lean Project Management. We've been so focused on talking to you about our smarter planning initiatives that we..


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