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Touchplan has been named to Constructech’s Top Products of 2019, with an additional designation as a “Trusted Product.” Trusted products are those that have been on the market for at least three years and have received upgrades and enhancements. The Top Products are selected from submissions that are thoroughly vetted by Constructech’s editors and advisory board based on “core functionality and innovative new features” before the list is released.

In introducing the Top Products list, Constructech’s editors summarized the challenges many companies are facing. The pressure within the industry to adopt new technology while remaining competitive makes this a high-stakes decision for most companies, and choosing the right product is imperative. Companies risk falling behind their competition if they wait too long to digitize their operations, but implementing the wrong tool can end up costing them even more time and money. Constructech’s product endorsements are vital to companies currently grappling with these considerations.

Industry-Changing Innovation

According to Constructech’s panel of judges, the use of Touchplan “enhances transparency and accountability, enabling project teams and organizations to plan better and build faster.” The judges also highlight that Touchplan’s “interface and SaaS implementation make it easy to get up and running, even in the middle of a project.” Emphasizing the innovation Touchplan has introduced to the Last Planner® System, Constructech advises readers “get rid of the sticky notes. Touchplan allows construction professionals to digitize the schedule, enabling a more modern way to plan the project.”

The Constructech Top Product selection comes on the heels of Touchplan’s designation as a “High Performer” by user review site G2 Crowd. “This award is an exciting reflection of all the work that has gone into Touchplan’s development and the value our clients are seeing in the field,” said Elizabeth Long, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Touchplan. “We’re thrilled to be one step further ahead in our goal of changing the industry to enable teams to collaborate with accurate information in real time to finish projects faster.”