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Best Practices: Last Planner® System

Best Practices LPS

Do you ever find yourself wondering if you are getting the most out of the Last Planner® System? Just like we use our percent plan complete to continually improve our project efficiency, we should also strive to continually improve our planning process. Below are five articles that will help you improve your use of Last Planner® at every step.

Tips for Milestone Scheduling

The goal of master scheduling is to get a high-level view of the project, and lay the foundation for the project’s schedule. These tips will help you make the most of your milestones.

Tips for a Successful Pull Plan

A pull planning session is only as good as the information from your last planners. This article will help you make sure that the right people are in the room to help you create the most effective pull plan possible.

How to Make Work Ready

We all know that to “make work ready” means to look four to six weeks ahead in the project schedule, identify constraints, and clear them out. Here you will review what needs to happen before this meeting, as well as what these meetings should look like.

Pitfalls to Avoid in Weekly Work Planning

This is an opportunity to hear from the subcontractors and obtain their commitments for next week’s work. A successful meeting will result in a smooth and steady workflow. Here are common mistakes to avoid when developing the weekly work plan.

Evaluating Your PPC

The percent plan (or promises) complete (PPC) is a metric to help improve plan reliability. Here are some important things to keep in mind when you are trying to understand what your PPC is saying about your project.

Why Use the Last Planner® System?
Engaging Others in the Last Planner® System

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