Approaching construction differently and getting to the next level, together
DECEMBER 4-6 2019
Boston, MA

What is LIVE?


Touchplan LIVE is a discussion-based workshop to give you time and space to explore building differently with other forward-thinking AEC leaders along with in-depth, professional training on the use of Touchplan.

  • CONNECT with people looking to make a change
  • Have BOLD CONVERSATIONS about real problems
  • REJECT the status quo and outdated processes
  • Be part of the industry's EVOLUTION
  • GROW using the Touchplan tool

What sparked this:

It's hard to lead new ideas when you're putting out fires on projects that are already creeping past deadlines. Add in hours spent in meetings and emails and your day is gone in a flash.

The only way to break out of the cycle of sacrificing innovation for predictability is to come up for air and look beyond day-to-day demands.

One thing is certain—change is long overdue. 

What You'll Get

Day 1: Touchplan training
  • Go from being a Touchplan newbie to an expert with a day of training and implementation of the tool with our Customer Success and Professional Services teams.

Day 2: Industry workshop

  • Building off of Day 1 Training, Day 2 will focus on leadership and soft skills for you and your company. Lead your team and job site with Touchplan.
Day 3: Invite-only forum to build an Advisory Board and work with our in-house developers to shape the future of Touchplan.

You'll Leave With

After Touchplan LIVE, you'll be equipped to take on your daily grind with a fresh perspective and the confidence to prioritize improvement and progress in the face of obstacles.

Join us for a construction event like no other to make the change happen, now.

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The Venue

District Hall

75 Northern Avenue, Boston, MA 02210