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2017 Construction Trends

by Brewton Couch

Construction Dive published the 10 construction trends to look out for in 2017. Much to our delight, they listed that increased use of collaborative project delivery methods will be the number one trend to watch. So, what all did they have to say about collaboration?

Current Projects

by Brewton Couch

Touchplan supports a number of different types of projects. To help show the wide range of projects currently using Touchplan, we created a new projects page. There you will find short descriptions and pictures of the various construction projects whose teams are using us.

New Project Resources

by Brewton Couch

At the start of the year we committed to update all of our project resources. I'm super excited to announce  that our new resources page is here and it's fantastic.

Setting Your Team up for Success

by Brewton Couch

On January 5th, 2017, Cianbro had a  successful pull planning session using Touchplan. In two hours they pulled all significant work required to get the hotel weathertight. Eleven trade contractors representing six trades entered and pulled over two hundred and fifty activities. Tackling this amount of work on the core and shell of a massive hotel / casino project was impressive.

What did Cianbro do to set their team up for success?

  • The sent emails out to all trade partners a week in advance.
  • They kept all task durations to five days or less.
  • They had a quarterback

Touchplan is looking for a Product Manager

by Elizabeth Long

We've built a web application that is revolutionizing the way that construction teams work together. The app is taking off, and we're looking for someone to lead product in this high growth environment. We need a superstar who can hit the ground running improving current feature development, and then help us strategically to keep the high growth going.